Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've Hit The Motherload!

Every once in a while something comes along, some unintended discovery, that brings a little zing of energy into your life. It happened to me last night when I, on my way to somewhere else, found a mommy blog called "Motherload." I couldn't wait to share it with all you moms (and even dads) out there. This mommy blogger (Amy Wilson), also a professional actress, has taken her words and experiences of mothering three young children and brought them onto the stage in a drama called Mother Load, which is now on tour. If you click on the link, it'll take you to a page where you can view a snippet of her one-person act. As she says in an interview, also on the site (and in so many words), we've either got to laugh about the travails of motherhood, or go crazy.

From the little I've seen so far, Amy has done a great job of taking her everyday experiences in the life of a mother and turned them into something edifying, something that can offer us weary parents a bit of a reprieve as we stand back and reflect on the "insanity" of the child-rearing life with a bit of humor. I'm definitely inspired and hope you will be, too. If nothing else, I'm fairly certain you're going to get a laugh out of this (see link below). I've also decided to link to Amy's blog so I can continue to follow her "adventures in mothering."

As you move through your world today, may your joys outweigh your burdens.

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