Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day treasures

Flowerpot from Adam (with chocolate kisses inside!)

Bound writing book with reflections from Olivia

Note from Elizabeth

Card from Daddy and the kids

Flowers from the little boys (below)

HAIKU from Olivia

The slender, scrawny

tree sways while -- almost -- silent

cool wind rattles leaves

Olivia Marie Salonen Stout

Would not take the garbage out!

She'd vacume her room and do the dishes

Fold her clothes and feed the fishes

And though her dad would scream and shout

She would not take the garbage out!

And one more, from my friend, Donna Marie, who today added the sidebars from her article that appeared in Our Sunday Visitor this week to her blog, Embracing Motherhood. Enjoy!


Darian said...

wat did Cj get u? lol he didnt smile in that picture with u and ur kids.

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Darian, you should know by now, CJ's too cool to smile. :) He did get me a gift: a haircut (his hair). That's why he's wearing a hat. You have to promise not to tease him, though. :)

Marie said...

What a beautiful family! Happy belated Mother's Day!


The Retired One said...

Too cute!
I love those hands holding the flowers..they were those ones made out of their own hand casts, right?
Terrific idea for a gift!!!