Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy north dakota new year 2010!

As we neared the North Dakota state capitol last night, I was disappointed to note that the windows were not lit up like a Christmas tree, as is customary this time of year. However, upon blinking, I realized there was a different kind of message in those 19 stories of window:

We couldn't reach our destination for Christmas; the snow held us back. But we're here now. I'm grateful for second chances.

Merry Second-chance Christmas to all, and yes, Happy New Year 2010, too!


erick said...

Wow, I have never realized that your home state's capitol building was very Art-Deco rather than D.C. inspired!
My favorite ones are: Nebraska's and Washington's
keep shining and saludos!

Mary Aalgaard said...

How fun, a new look at ND and welcoming a New Year! Blessings, writer-mama-pal, and may many stories and successes be yours in 2010!

erick said...

I love ND, it's so charming besides WA!
You too Mary Aal,let's cherish up the new year as well

Marie said...

Love the pictures, Roxane. I'm glad you had arrived safely. I miss you - need to visit when you have a chance.

Love ya,