Monday, December 6, 2010

mama mondays: just when you thought you knew where kittens came from...

Kid quotes:

Nick, 5: (Sighing, looking at the cat...) "I wish Skittles could have babies."

Beth, 10: "Yeah they would be cute, wouldn’t they?"

Nick: "Okay, let’s be quiet now and let her rest so she can lay her eggs."

Then the next day, this little ditty:

Nick (to self): "The day before tomorrow is…today!"

I'm really going to miss when Nick's thoughts are not so innocent, so fresh and full of discovery with a slightly altered understanding of reality. I love the simplicity with which children think through the world around them. I don't mean to say children are simpletons. Indeed, their thoughts are quite complex, philosophical even. But if only we could all approach life with such wonder.

My weekend started out on a lovely note. I was able to meet one of my local blogging friends for the first time. So many of the blogs I read are written by people I can't easily meet face to face, so the chance to experience a real encounter with someone becomes a special treat.

It's even more of a blessing when you are able to easily converse with that person, quickly find common ground, and move right into the important topics of life. Above is a screen shot of the profile page for Vicky of Westra World. She's the mother of two busy boys and is a very nice gal. We even learned we have connections through some of the mutual people we know (and know people we know). (Singing the "It's a Small World" theme now...) Our lunch took place at a restaurant overlooking the Red River of the North, and included a fun show of squirrels frolicking through the Winter Wonderland outside, as viewed from our window seat.

While I'm at it, a shout-out to another of my local blog pals, Marie. Marie and I had our first-time encounter around this same time of year in 2008. Recently, her husband took a bit of a winter dive while trying to string Christmas lights, partly to appease their young son, Murray, and injured his back. I'm so proud of Marie for how she's been handling what is certainly a crisis within their family right now. Visit her at Murray's Momma.

To the rest of my blogging friends near and far, thanks for brightening my life with your kind sentiments and enjoyable posts. And to you readers-only out there, you, too, are very appreciated. Thanks for stopping by and either leaving comments or sending an email with your thoughts.

A re-cap to the rest of the weekend. I had the most wondrous Friday evening taking in my very first Concordia College Christmas concert with my daughters and one of their friends. True to form, I began shedding tears of awe and appreciation about five minutes into the program. Thankfully, it was in the dark at that point and I was able to quietly wipe them away. I've said it before and likely will again: I'm a huge sap. I feel deeply, and among those feelings are profound gratitude and joy when I'm a witness to God's beautiful creation. Likewise, my heart stirred when my daughters joined me in being cantors for Mass Saturday evening, and as I helped celebrate the 50th year of life of a friend Saturday night (and experiencing the fun birthday rap another friend wrote and produced for said party).

Q4U: What beautiful thing struck you with awe in recent days?


Tabitha Bird said...

Oh Nick is too sweet! :))

kim said...

Good Morning! Your son sounds like a true delight--thanks for sharing the stories. I ditto your thoughts on blogger friends--what blessings in the busyness of today! Glad you had a great weekend!

Vicky said...

Nick's take on the world will have me grinning the rest of the day!

Thank you for your kind and generous words. It was such a lovely setting and I so enjoyed our time together! I was so in the moment with you watching those squirrels, I should have grabbed my phone for a photo :) Blessings on your week!

My "beautiful" moment came while watching both of my sons skate this weekend. They were both fully immersed in their passion, and it truly is a beautiful thing to see :)

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Tab, you're back! Welcome. I'll have to visit your blog today.

Kim, good morning to you as well, dear Dakotas pal. :)

Vicky, I'm glad Nick made you smile. I couldn't stop smiling either when Beth reported on this conversation. I wouldn't have known otherwise. :) And yes, wasn't it a nice setting and lunch? Thanks again for making it work. Also, I'm so glad you found joy in watching your boys skate!

Laura Marcella said...

Awww! I understand what you mean about children's wonder and awe. I think I'm in touch with my inner child more so than many people, but it's still not the same. Life and growing up takes away most childlike perceptions through no fault of our own!

I'm really amazed by the beauty of early December! Of course I prefer the blossoms of spring, lush greenery of summer, and autumn's vibrant colors, but there's still something enchanting about leaveless trees against a chilly silvery-blue sky, especially around the wonder of Christmas.

Saumya said...

Nick sounds so cute!! I used to love baby sitting because the children always found so much joy in the simplest things. It is sad how age can take that essence away from us. That is so cool that you got to meet a blogging friend! I have yet to do that :).

Excited to be a new follower!

Mary Aalgaard said...

Nick is still funny. He might always have a humorous perspective on the world. Music for me, too. And, kids, and all their hope and wonder, and lunch with my big boy then shopping for Zach's b-day presents. said...

This is one of the friendliest blogs I've visited. I ove the little quote about the 'eggs'. It reminded me of my son when he was younger and said the cutest things. They get more amusing as they get older though and mine has just sent me a funny text which mad me smile.I am your latest admirer/follower and look forward to reading more. Kindest wishes.
Carol from

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Laura, you've described winter so well here. :) There really is beauty in every season (even though I have my favorites too, and winter isn't at the top of the list).

Saumya, welcome!

Mary, I'd love it if he would always see the world a little differently. :)

And Facing 50: so glad to meet you! I've been over to visit you now as well. I enjoy hearing perspectives from writers from abroad. Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself!

Marie said...

Hi Rox,
Thanks for your kind thoughts! You warmed my heart and your words came just when I needed them. I was a bit cranky this morning, but after I read your post, realized that I am very lucky and Craig's injury could have been much worse. I am looking forward to reading Vicky's blog. It's so neat that you were able to connect in person!

Nick has inspired me to post Murray's comments. It's good to know I have a few more years of innocence.
Thanks again and God Bless,

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Marie, I'm so glad you read this, since I didn't give you a heads up. And I am so happy to know that Murray will pick up where Nick may or may not leave off. I will look forward to the sweet utterances that are sure to come from within your household! Take care friend!