Monday, April 11, 2011

comments policy

Peace Garden Mama welcomes and encourages comments from readers, but also retains the right not to publish those that do not lend themselves to a peaceable outcome (in keeping with the theme, naturally). Feel free to respectfully disagree but please keep any unedifying thoughts private, lest the energy of the mission to inform and inspire turns into something else. Any comments from "anonymous," unless the writer identifies himself or herself within the comments box, are not welcomed. The exceptions: when the person who comments is my mother or is clearly someone I know who does not understand the procedure for leaving comments. This is all in keeping with the journalism training I received in the olden days, at which time ethics demanded deletion of unnamed sources. Thanks for your consideration, and as always, for stopping by!

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Tabitha Bird said...

Good idea!

Nice to see you again. Love the photo in the header. Beautiful.