Monday, June 25, 2012

mama mondays: a walk 'round indy

It's not like me to be in a new place and not do a little exploring. But on the last day of my recent trip to Indianapolis, I realized I really had not seen the place.

Going somewhere and staying indoors the whole time is like visiting a new friend and hanging out in a back room of their home the entire stay. So in my final hours before leaving for the airport, I set off, camera in hand, to see what I could see.

Someone had told me about a canal and how to get there. I headed in that direction and began walking. The sun was hot and blisters began to form on my feet, but I knew I was close so couldn't turn back. Eventually, I ran up against this thingamabob: 

And just beyond that? Ah...water...and a couple in a water vessel.


Walking inside the canal tunnel felt like following a mystery. I loved the interesting formations of branches on this tree, which provided a little reprieve from the direct sun.

Around the corner from here, I discovered tunnel artists had visited before me:

Straight ahead from there, the city beckoned...

The museum just beyond there was about to close, but the wooly mammoths wearing knitted pieces said Hello just the same.

Abe too, though he looked a little down. 

So much of my tour was uninformed. So I had to guess at things. Sign says "seekaahkwaiaanki" means, "We held on to tree limbs." I don't know the story behind this, but I felt concern for those who apparently had survived some treacherous water and weather.


With time not on my side, after a stroll along the capitol grounds (I'll share some of those visuals on Wednesday), I worked my way back to the starting point with aching feet. Unlike Marilyn, I need comfortable soles, and the ones I was wearing didn't quite cut it.

I eventually found my way back to the clock tower that had guided me for the past four days. It was around this time that, after posting a photo on Facebook, my blogging friend, Katie, from the other side of the state let me know she, also, was in downtown Indianapolis on business. What are the chances that two ND girls would be in downtown INDY at the same time? Thanks to social media, we can now know these things.


There's so much more to share, but I'm going to have to leave it there for now. More adventures and reports will be forthcoming; the summer has only begun!

Q4U: What is your approach to travel? Well planned out, go with the flow or a little of each?

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Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page said...

As you know from our travels together, a little of each. I enjoy an unplanned stroll and stumbling upon something I didn't expect. However, I like to know where I'm having my next meal! And, I do find comfort in knowing where I'm staying.