Monday, September 17, 2012

mama mondays: road trips

Mondays here at Peace Garden Mama have become a place of fewer words, more visual. I'm often "worded out" by the time the week/end have passed and usually have gathered a bundle of photos to share.

This week's offerings begin with a work road trip from late last week, destination Grand Forks and Rugby. We left early, came back late, and had a beautiful traveling day to take in the sights and get some video footage for a project.

It takes time away from office work, but I think paying visits to some of the outlying places of our diocese can be a win-win for all. We have a chance to check in with some of the quieter spots and also, rejuvenate.

Lunch came late, but it turned out to be a nice reprieve at a place called Whitey's in Grand Forks.

View from the inside looking out...

Our Rugby destination included a stop at the Little Flower Catholic Church, which had an inspiring interior that made for a nice afternoon resting spot.

On the trip back, the sun was at the right height to bring some nice fill light to the landscape.

Look at those rays!

And then the weekend brought its own, albeit shorter, outings, to our school's homecoming game (this year's homecoming king is the older brother of our youngest daughter's good friend, and the queen, my former boss's daughter)....

A coffee shop for my first pumpkin-spice latte of the year (thanks for your presence, Vicky)...

 And some soccer games next to the train track...

Time to gear up now for the week ahead!

 Q4U: What good thing are you looking forward to this week?


Vicky said...

Thank YOU for the treat Roxane :) I enjoyed our time immensely as always. My photo didn't get stored somehow or I would have posted the same thing! Your landscape/cloud photos are awesome and I am so glad you enjoyed Homecoming festivities!

I have book club tonight- so excited to be back amongst the girls again!

Mary Aalgaard said...

Beautiful pictures, Roxane. I saw Whitey's and knew you'd been to East Grand Forks. It's a landmark. I believe it's a rebuild after the original was damaged in the '97 flood.

This week, I'm looking forward to getting my hair cut & colored. It's been a LONG time!

Marie said...

Oh, how I loved Little Flower church. Great memories!