Monday, November 12, 2012

memento mondays: fairy lights, fridges and four-cousin reunion

Wednesday night's purple meringue sunset
Same evening, different spot, blazing breath-catcher
School family dance, boys doing fancy floor rolls, girls in tutus
In-laws' old appliances, new to us, find a permanent place in our home...
Fairy lights from afar create blue-hazed quarters for 15-year-old teen
Don't say they didn't warn you!
Four little cousins: It's a grand, splishy-sploshy kind of life...
And last but not least: Thank you, veterans, for all you have done to make our lives better!


Mary Aalgaard said...

Is that your daughter's room? It looks magical. The new to you appliances look great, like new. Enjoy. Glad you had some fun-filled moments this weekend.

Vicky said...

Well you know I love the sky pics naturally. And love the pics of the pirate ship and fun with cousins. I'm with Mary in thinking your daughter's bedroom has a very cool ambiance to it! As usual it was a full week for you!