Monday, November 5, 2012

memento mondays: snow specks, thai food, mittens

Halloween leftovers: Sherlock and Albert hang out for the evening
Cotton candy morning
Fired puffs of glory
The way to a teen son's heart: pad Thai
And for the mother, a rose-fashioned straw
The snow flakes its way into our lives once again
Swooning over sweater mittens
Sunday night, the close-out of 40 Days for Life with bra-bedecked backdrop


Mary Aalgaard said...

Sherlock and Albert are adorable. More awesome photos from you. Bobby likes pad thai, too.

Vicky said...

Nobody does skies like you Roxane :) I have to admit we haven't tried Thai food yet... and I think I would like it but we just don't go... you're tempting me however! A fun recap as always!

Stephanie said...

Those costumes are just too darn cute!! Such fabulous pictures:) My girls loved their costumes, sadly we had to really cover them up b/c of the darn rain!

อาหารไทย said...

I think that Pad Thai picture look unlike Pad Thai in Thailand. But that look yummy. :)