Monday, January 7, 2013

memento mondays: daughters try hand at photography

This Christmas was the one a new camera came onto the horizon. I'll be using it for work and for my blog. It's my first digital single-lens reflex camera and I'm looking forward to getting accustomed to it in the coming days. A trip to Washington D.C. later this month will give me my first real chance at seeing how it works in action.

For now, I've only had a few brief sessions with it. Here are some of my very first shots.



It was fun just to see what it could do. But here's the real deal. After this brief encounter with my camera, my daughters began taking a liking to it. At first, I wasn't sure how to feel about this. I found it rather annoying that they kept asking to borrow my camera. Maybe just as much, that they were enjoying it more than I.

But this weekend I downloaded most of what was on the card and discovered some pretty nice shots. My frustration has turned into being fairly impressed.

My youngest daughter, Beth, has had a good photographic eye from a young age. When I started my blog in 2008 (she'd just turned 8), she took several shots that I ended up posting. And earlier this year, one of her photos earned a photo credit in the diocesan paper I edited. (It was another case of me setting down the camera and her "borrowing" it for just a bit, but she produced a printable shot so how could I deny her the credit?)

Here are Beth's attempts: 

Little bro's guitar
New fairy lights in bedroom
Feline friend
Little brother
That said, her older sister Olivia's shots aren't half bad either. She seems to prefers moving targets and has found our dog to be a particularly fun subject. He's really not one for standing still long enough to hold a pose, so I know she worked for these.
Bearded buddy
Chilly paws
Did I do something wrong?
Oh, and the other moving targets...

Busy brothers
In all of them, I'm impressed with the composition. For not having had any training, they're not half bad.

Looks like we've got at least a couple more photo enthusiasts in the family. Maybe one of them will take it from amateur to professional. You never know!

Q4U: What hobby are you going to spend more time doing in the coming year?


Far Side of Fifty said...

The girls did good..I am trying to become a better photographer too:)

Mary Aalgaard said...

Excellent way to share an art. The photos are great. The more you play with it, the more you creative you'll be. And, kids have no hang-ups about just diving in and experimenting!

Vicky said...

Oh they have their momma's eye for composition! What a great discovery and so fun to see the world through their eyes. I am wondering if their is a new hobby I'd like to pursue or if maybe I'll just engage with photography and writing more deeply?

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Thanks for the encouragement and thoughts, gals. You are the best!