Friday, February 14, 2014

faith & family fridays: a surge of the heart

All week I've been conducting interviews for a newspaper article on prayer, asking over and over, "What does prayer mean to you?" And as I've gone along, I've been meditating on my favorite definition of prayer, which seemed especially appropriate to share today, Valentine's Day.

It was the lovely St. Therese of Lisieux, "the little flower," who once defined prayer in this way. Prayer, she said, is "a surge of the heart."

Sometimes I think we make it too complicated, when in fact all prayer and our relationship with God really is and needs to be is a surge of the heart, an orienting toward the only being in our lives who will never disappoint us and always love us unconditionally.

In that movement toward God our hearts can't help but leap at our connectedness with the divine. To think that we can have this whenever we want -- it's up to us -- now that's reason to be exceedingly grateful.

Q4U: How do you define prayer?


denis said...

Spot on

Vicky said...

That just rings of such truth- oh goodness- love the simplicity of it :)

I have truly not every thought of "defining" it… but off the cuff, I would say its a heart to heart communication between me and Him. That is truly the essence of what prayer is to me, I think. I will of course have to consider this one a bit more!! Happy v-day to you Roxane!!